Research & Technology

As an integrated marine sciences research institute, IFREMER’s four scientific departments contribute to national research and innovation as well as to the European research landscape. They produce

  • basic knowledge using a systemic approach that aims to better comprehend the processes that govern ecosystems and thus better understand the changes that affect them;
  • targeted research results to provide responses to societal issues based on its capacity for observation, monitoring, and assessment.

It exploits cutting-edge technology which sustains marine science research in many areas including underwater operations; instrument systems; coastal, ocean and seafloor observatories; mineral and energy resources; fisheries and aquaculture. IFREMER also fulfils its missions by developing and managing research vessels and vehicles, sensors and other types of materials. The development of knowledge and systems relies not only on laboratories and services but also on infrastructures and testing facilities requiring ongoing investments (test tanks, metrology, assembly plants, computing platforms).

Scientific strategy

IFREMER harbours a wide range of scientific disciplines and expertise. However, the production of knowledge and the research activities conducted by the Institute are planned out in conjunction with other research institutes and universities.

Scientific departments

The four scientific departments are the pillars of IFREMER’s scientific production :

  • Department of Marine and Digital Infrastructures
  • Océanographie et dynamique des Écosystèmes (ODE)
  • Ressources biologiques et environnement (RBE)
  • Ressources physiques et Écosystèmes de fond de Mer (REM)

Research Infrastructures

The development of knowledge and systems relies on infrastructures and testing facilities requiring ongoing investments.

MERLIN projects: Launching new initiatives for our oceans

MERLIN ("Pour la MER, Lancement d'Initiatives Nouvelles") projects are the fruit of discussions at IFREMER to develop and encourage new, federating, flagship initiatives for IFREMER to enhance its potential for scientific discovery.

The IFREMER fleet

In the Large Research Infrastructure Fleet (TGIR Flotte) IFREMER owns and operates under the French flag via Genavir GIE, three of the five national ocean-going vessels, three of the seven coastal vessels and all the underwater vehicles and other heavy equipment.