Digital infrastructures

To store all the national and international data collected as part of operational oceanography, there are several digital infrastructures that provide easy access for researchers to the vast information on the world’s oceans.


ECOSCOPE is a data-hosting infrastructure that contributes to improved organisation of data collection, management, transfer through remote access to various types of observations for biodiversity research and for assessments for decision makers.

Pôle Océan data portal

The Pôle Océan is one of the four national portals created for French research institutes for coordinated management and centralised access to data.

Computation Centre

Intensive scientific computation is at the heart of many modern oceanography projects. The Computation Centre is an essential tool for researchers in many fields.


SeaDataNet is a standardised system of data archival to compile the large amounts of data collected from oceanographic cruises or automated observation systems. This infrastructure, which relies on an international network, also contributes to the development of excellency in European research.