French Polynesian Marine Resources research unit

The French Polynesian Marine Resources (Ressources Marines en Polynésie Française — RMPF) research unit in the RBE Department explores research questions on Polynesian pearl farming and tropical marine fish farming.


The RMPF unit does not have any laboratories. The staff of the unit include 7 investigators and 11 technicians. The administrative management of the unit is carried out by the secretary-general of the IFREMER Pacific Centre.

RMPF collaborates with UMR 241 Écosystèmes Insulaires Océaniens and the researchers are all members of LabEx Corail.


The RMPF unit develops research in support of sustainable development of the marine sector in French Polynesia. The main economic activities include pearl farming and marine fish farming.

Beyond the applied work carried out for these two economic activities, the unit carries out research using an ecosystem approach on exploited lagoon systems: their environmental aspects are integrated to better comprehend animal physiology and natural processes as well as human-induced impacts on several scales.