Martinique Biodiversity and Environment research unit

The Biodiversity and Environment unit (Biodiversité et Environnement — BIODIVENV) focuses on the characterisation and the comprehension of the functioning of insular coastal ecosystems through natural and human-induced disturbance, environmental (e.g. chemical contamination) and fisheries or aquaculture.


The Biodiversity and Environment unit is part of the IFREMER Antilles Delegation and is located at the tip of Pointe Fort, in the middle of Robert Bay, mid-way along the Atlantic coast of Martinique.


In the Antilles, IFREMER research cover a wide range of topics, including the marine environment, living resources and marine renewable energy. Although some of the topics are intended for local teams, others draw on the expertise at IFREMER and its partners, particularly its network of regional collaborators.

The activities of the unit revolve around several goals:

  • Study new approaches to responsible fishing: knowledge of coastal fishery systems, development of sustainable fishing in association with anchored fish aggregating devices (European Interreg project MAGDELESA). The unit participates in the studies of regional and international fishing organisations (FAO-COPACO and ICCAT).
  • Promote sustainable, innovative and secure tropical aquaculture: support for the development of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) production in the Antilles, and more generally in French overseas waters. The unit provides scientific expertise (genetic management, reproduction testing, food safety, sustainability) and technical expertise (broodstock management, knowledge transfer).
  • Preserve and develop the coastal and marine environment: better knowledge on the environment (hydrodynamic modelling), monitoring water quality (chemical contamination), restoration of good environmental status of waters (WFD).