Library and publications

The La Perouse Library

Endowed with a rich collection of specialised documents in all disciplines related to the knowledge, the study and the utilisation of the oceans, the La Perouse Library boasts of an exceptional 600 m² reading room and documentary research rooms. The library can hold some one hundred readers.

The main mission of the La Perouse library is to ensure access to scientific and technological information on marine sciences for all IFREMER staff, students, interns and those hosted at partnered institutions as well as universities nationwide.

Archimer - l'archive institutionnelle de l'Ifremer

In August 2005, IFREMER created Archimer, its institutional repository that archives full texts and provides free access to records that include published articles, theses, conference papers and internal reports.

Archimer is part of the international Open Access movement that strives to make scientific documentation freely available with the widest possible dissemination via the Web.