Zoom on Marine Science at the G7 Speakers' Meeting

Ifremer welcomed the G7 Heads of parliaments this morning highlighting ocean preservation and governance.

Every year in parallel with the Heads of State G7, a gathering of the Heads of parliaments takes place to facilitate the discussions and exchanges on a given theme. This year, it was the theme of the ocean and maritime issues in the context of global climate challenges. The city of Brest was chosen for this event, being home to several leading centers of research and action on the oceans.

After a visit of the University of Western Brittany, the 7 national delegations were welcomed at Ifremer by François Houllier, CEO of Ifremer : "The call of the ocean made by President Emmanuel Macron at the G7 in Biarritz is also a call to science, knowledge, exploration, research and innovation."

The Heads of parliament discovered some of Ifremer's main research themes, ranging from demonstrations of innovative technologies in the field of marine renewable energy, ocean observation techniques in the context of global climate change, a zoom on the French Oceanographic Fleet, presentations on deep-sea biodiversity and the challenges of exploiting living resources. They also enthusiastically participated in a virtual reality immersion experience in the deep ocean.
François Houllier thanked them for responding to the ocean's call at the G7 meeting in Biarritz. "This call is first and foremost a call to action, a call to fully integrate the seas and oceans into sustainable development and to protect them". The President of Ifremer also highlighted the importance of European and international partnerships between research organisations and public authorities, particularly in the context of the G7.